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About #UCCStrong

Umpqua Community College is a jewel of the Roseburg community. Situated north of town, just off I-5 and nestled along the banks of the Umpqua River, UCC was, is, and forever will be a place for community, integrity, hope, compassion, and strength. It is where students come to learn, share, inspire, and grow. #UCCStrong will make sure of it.

On the morning of October 1, 2015, this community was added to a list that contains names like Sandy Hook, Springfield, Columbine, and Virginia Tech. Those affected were young and old. They were in the crossfire. They were down the street. They were miles away. The tight-knit nature of this community caused a ripple that was felt by everyone who knows of the Umpqua.

The UCC Strong Fund was created in the days that followed to begin the healing process – to help those affected by the events of October 1st.

“Each person on the committee accepts the great responsibility of being an excellent steward of these donations. I am honored to be at the table with them.”
- Neal Brown, UCC Strong Chair and Executive Vice President of Umpqua Bank.

Who is involved:

There is a sense of community, integrity, compassion, strength, and hopefulness throughout our strong community. We are #UCCStrong. This committee, guided by community leaders, the faith community, UCC administration, the district attorney’s office, the Ford Family Foundation, UCC Foundation, and United Way, will ensure that those affected by the events of October 1st find the support they need and deserve.


  • Neal Brown (Chair), Executive Vice President of Umpqua Bank, Business Community
  • Norm Smith (Vice Chair), Consultant to Philanthropy and Attorney
  • Toby Luther, CEO of Lone Rock Timber, Vice Chair The Ford Family Foundation
  • Janet Holland, Executive Director, Community Health Alliance
  • Wendy Weikum, UCC Board of Directors, UACT Board Member
  • Dennis O’Neill, Executive Director, UCC Foundation
  • Grant Goins, Associate Pastor, Roseburg Alliance Church, Vice Chair Douglas County Evangelical Fellowship
  • Andrea Zielinski, Douglas Co. Sheriff’s Office, Roseburg City Councilor, Greater Douglas United Way Board

Advisory Panel

  • Steve Oleson, Wicks Emmitt CPA, UCC Foundation Accountant
  • Tom Davidson, Nuener Davidson CPA, United Way Accountant
  • Derek Simmons, Attorney, Watkinson Laird Rubenstein
  • Kelly Wright, Douglas County District Attorney’s Office Crime Victims Unit
  • Anne C. Kubisch, President, The Ford Family Foundation
  • Bryan Trenkle, Executive Director, Greater Douglas United Way

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